Confidence & Power

I absolutely recommend Michael Egleston as a life coach. He is empathetic, compassionate, quite honest, upbeat and sincere. He was able to remove the debilitating beliefs I had that stood in the way of my real abilities. I went to work each day a different person knowing that I could confidently handle any challenge.  I will recommend him to anyone that needs a push in the right direction!


Karen R. – Senior Commercial Underwriter, Tampa, FL

Growing Greatness

Michael uses his insight, humor and compassion to reflect his clients’ strengths and uncover areas of growth. His dedication to their growth is unquestioned.


Dr. Tim M. – Executive Coach, New York City

Thriving Business

Michael and I began working together to help me to grow my coaching business. He is very patient and thoughtful, asking incisive questions that help me work through my challenges and blocks. He helped me see new ways of relating to money and working on my business, which helped me move forward when I felt stuck. During the time that I have been working with him, I have doubled my number of coaching clients and almost doubled my revenues as well!

Nabill I., Life Coach – Berlin

New ways of Thinking

I never realized what a life coach could do for my life until I took the step to improve my life by revamping my mind. Just like a fitness coach, Mike has challenged my way of thinking and made me push through my comfort zone to make much needed changes in my life. He has guided me to finding things about myself that I didn’t know were there, as well as identified reasons to why I do the things I do.

  • Jennifer J, Marketing Executive, Pensacola, FL

Getting out of my Own way!

Michael’s strength starts in his ability to be a true coach by not only deeply listening to my perception of the situation, but also using his many tools including weekly practices to move myself towards my goals. His challenged my viewpoint and led me to view these situations in a whole new light. In seeing things differently, I was able to figure out new ways to overcome challenges in a new way and gave me an awareness of when I was slipping into old patterns that were not serving me well. He simply presented these amazing questions that made me pause and wonder. These questions really peeled back layers to see the underlying beliefs that were the foundation of my roadblocks.

The most amazing part of this journey was that Michael was able to help me uncover new ways to move forward that were natural for me because I designed them with his insight, but never with his orders.


Adrienne J., Adoption Specialist – Baltimore, MD


Lives Changed

“I am excited about my tomorrows now because my days have become so much better. I’ve been shown a way to accept the good & bad in life. Mike’s coaching me that life is always by choice, always do-able and always smooth, if I approach it from my new view on life. For that, I am forever grateful.”

Jena J., Addiction Counselor – Tampa, FL

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