As an Personal Development & Leadership Coach, I have supported clients all over the Eastern United States to create their own success in their fields. This includes:

Promotions, finding new careers, stronger relationships, advancement in education & starting their own businesses in a powerful & transformational way.

Currently, I am expanding my operations to leaders in Europe & the Caribbean.


Certified Mentor Coach for Accomplishment Coaching, training new coaches in a variety of Ontological disciplines & setting them up for success as a business owner.

6 years as a Success & Life Mentor for Christian-based organizations in Tampa Bay.


12+ years experience working in Fortune 500 Companies (Bank of America, AIG, & Willis Group Holdings)

2016 Global Recognition Award: In 2016, recognized for building good client relationships with the annual “Global Recognition Award,” the only recipient out of 12 employees in 2016. (Bank of America)

Gold Awards: Earned 2 coveted “Gold Spot Awards” in 2016 for opening record number of accounts, and increasing Customer Satisfaction. (Bank of America)


In net profit growth, initiated team training/up-training and coached employees individually. The department went from the bottom 30% in the region to a

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