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o-SIT-PARK-BENCH-facebookPower is an inside job. Whether you find strength in God, family, inspirational readings, or meditation, all the power you need starts with you. In our society, we value performance or the ability to produce above all else, & we all are looking to be Number 1! Whether it is financial prominence, love, or  family, we all look to be that in our own world. The question is how do we achieve those desires without burning ourselves out or losing sight of who we are in the process?

Growing up, I would see the heroes in movies and TV go to great lengths, usually at their own expense, to overcome the odds. They would go above and beyond of what was humanly possible to outperform, outsmart and out do what was in their way (usually someone else) & come out on top. In the end, the movie would wrap up leaving the hero beaten and bruised. Given that logic, we would have to suffer for what we want. Does that make it worth it? Is there a different way? So is it possible to have it all?

Yes! The key is balance. We find balance by having our priorities straight and finding balance. It all starts with having for yourself and taking care of you first. There is only one of you to martyr, so let’s save that for something more important than that next promotion or losing that last pound. All of that will come in a much more powerful way. If you can find balance between the 6 Key Areas of Life, you will have all the power you need to achieve.

The first area is our Physical Well-being. Our bodies are wonderful machines that can do anything from carry our little girl up to bed after a long day of playing to winning Olympic Gold in a Decathlon. If we don’t take care of our bodies, we won’t have the energy to do anything. The 3 most Important areas in this arena are Sleep, Diet & Exercise. I put sleep first because it is the foundation for the rest.  According the studies conducted by  Dr. Robert Stickhold at Harvard University, “sleep plays a critical role function, metabolism, memory learning & other vital functions.” On which eating healthy and getting the proper amount of exercise can be added onto. Take note on where your gap is in this area.  Once you’ve noticed it, make a declaration that you are going to change how you treat yourself. Your body is temple, so treat it as such.
Emotions are the outward expressions of the soul that can create the most loving, caring relationships or have the whole town running to hide when you come around. Having Emotional Well-being will foster greater connection with people. Without balance, you can end up feeling completely drained & unwilling to do  anything but hide underneath the covers. So go out and give hugs, get hugs, talk with your significant other about how checking Facebook at dinner annoys you, find healthy ways to express anger or go for a walk and allow yourself to feel the awe and wonder of nature. Being emotionally balanced can actually give you more energy & drive when you walk out of the door each morning.That balance is fundamentally supported by the extent of our Spiritual Well-being.

Our Spiritual Well-being is the fuel for our soul it is and gives us comfort in a Universe that is so vast. When I came to this part, I really had no idea where to turn or how to do it right. I had a few mentors teach me that there is no wrong way to do it. I could choose whichever conception of a High Power I wanted, so I went exploring. I found a few practices that served me in developing a Connection & Relationship to a Higher Power, which I choose to call God. Prayer, meditation & spiritual readings are my big 3. I encourage you to find what works for you.

Behind all of this, is our big ol’ sexy brains. They are great tools to use. They invented the computer or phone you’re reading this on. The only thing that they want is more, more, more! Your Mental Well-being is really based on consumption (Courses & Books) & exercise (Puzzles/games, Conversation & Creative activities). Pick something to do each day for 15 minutes. If you don’t like that one find a different activity to do. Keep learning and growing. Perfect a key area of interest. It will give you greater confidence and may lead to new opportunities not previously available. Those opportunities can manifest in your Relationship Well-being.

Unless you have found a remote area in the Amazon, you are going to have relationships in your life. Whether they be romantic, familial or professional, the healthier they are, the healthier you are. When you have taken the time to care for the previous for Key Areas of Life, you will be able to empower each relationship. Having you needs communicated, setting boundaries & be of love & service to each relationship can generate the energy you need to fill your cup each day. In partnership with others, you can create more than you would alone. The more you give out in each relationship, the more you will receive in return leading to greater fulfillment. Take time for each relationship in your life. You’re worth it.

The final Key Area of Life is Lifestyle Well-being. What do I mean by that? It is the area where everything comes together. It is your Budget & Finances, your Career Plan, your Business plan or your Financial Plan. When this is in order, it creates less stress worrying about the “How” & gives you more access to You that can be dedicated to other areas in your life. In my business, I empower Project Designs to set goals for periods of times. I set an achievable goal that stretches my abilities, and I design actions to deliver on that goal. As long as I follow my plan of action, I can devote my mental, emotional and physical energy to other areas without feeling like I am being stretched too thin.

When all of these Key Areas of Life are in tune, you’re going to be humming like a peak performance Indy car on race day. Each area builds on the other, and if one is deficient, you will find a power leak. That’s ok. Leaks are meant to be patched, and each leak can lead to a lesson of personal growth. Sit down and make a list of what you do each day to be fulfilled in each area. When you find that you need to, for example, get more sleep, take a week to try a new sleep schedule. If it doesn’t work, try something different. Have fun experimenting with this. Pick & choose what you want to keep doing or what to stop. The right combination will find you if you persist, and when you empower that, you will be able to draw on the energy you need to accomplish anything you believe that you can do. It’s all possible!


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