Feeding your Happiness


Do you ever get the feeling that life is ok, but that it’s not great?

Do you ever feel that life just happens to you, you try your best and it feels like nothing ever gets done?

Or, do you live in complete fear and anxiety wishing that something great would happen and it doesn’t?

At one point or another in my life, I have felt each one of these situations was my reality. It was the best I could ever do, and my only choice was to live for the bits of serenity that came every now and then. After awhile, I was sick of it, and I started to ask why? Why was the world like this? Why did people treat me like they do? Why do I let them treat like that? Why? Why? Why?!?

I was having coffee with my best friend one day, and he told me the story of the 2 Wolves from the picture above. “Screw you!”, was my first reaction to that. I couldn’t believe he would not see how the world was mistreating me. He was only trying to help though, and I could only see what was wrong with the rest of the world, at the time. It was not until much later that I accepted that I was free to choose my own world. It was up to me to look at everything from a different point of view.

I started to look at what was good in the world. I looked at what I brought to the table, and I would recognize when my mind would chatter about how bad I was or how insignificant I am in the world. With a lot of time and practice, I noticed the best about people and situations. There was always a silver lining. There was always something that could be learned from every mistake. Each time I fell on my face, I looked at what was missing, and I remembered it in the future. Life started to flow as I practiced how to view life in a positive manner, and as a by product, I attracted more of what I wanted without much effort.

Each day, I have a choice. I can choose to feed my negativity and fear, or I can feed my positive side and live in faith. One wolf will howl louder than the other until it is fed enough. Then it makes a seemingly impossible situation into one that can be surmounted with ease. Each day I choose to feed the good wolf, I bring out the best in me when I do.

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